A new server is available.
You are visiting the old server, which will be decommissioned at some point.
Old accounts and elections will not be automatically migrated to the new server. To prepare new elections, you should use the new server where you will have to create a new account. Old elections will remain accessible on the old server.
On this Belenios platform, you can create and administer elections. Simply log in (or create an account) following the appropriate links. Then follow the instructions.
  • This service is free and come "as is". Our server is usually up and ready anytime but it does not come with a guarantee.
  • You can organize elections with up to 2500 voters per election.
  • You can organize various kind of elections:
    • standard elections where voters select one or more candidates among a list of candidates, as prescribed by the election.
    • weigted votes are allowed: voters may have several votes, if prescribed by the election. This is possible only for standard elections.
    • preferential elections where voters rank or grade candidates. We offer support for the following counting methods: Condorcet, Single Transferable Vote (STV), and Majority Judgment. More information here.
  • Belenios ensures vote privacy (no one learns voters' vote) and verifiability: the result of the election provably corresponds to the votes.
  • Belenios is free software. You might ask your IT service whether this would make sense to host a server in your institution, for example to host elections with more than 2500 voters. You can also contribute to the translation effort.
  • Any question? Please have a look at our FAQ. We do not offer any hotline.
This platform is hosted by the LHS from LORIA, CNRS, INRIA, University of Lorraine.
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