This is the development version!
On this Belenios platform, you can create and administer elections. Simply log in (or create an account) following the appropriate links. Then follow the instructions.
  • This service is free and come "as is". Our server is usually up and ready anytime but it does not come with a guarantee.
  • You can organize elections with up to 2500 voters per election.
  • You can organize various kind of elections:
    • standard elections where voters select one or more candidates among a list of candidates, as prescribed by the election.
    • weigted votes are allowed: voters may have several votes, if prescribed by the election. This is possible only for standard elections.
    • preferential elections where voters rank or grade candidates. We offer support for the following counting methods: Condorcet, Single Transferable Vote (STV), and Majority Judgment. More information here.
  • Belenios ensures vote privacy (no one learns voters' vote) and verifiability: the result of the election provably corresponds to the votes.
  • Belenios is free software. You might ask your IT service whether this would make sense to host a server in your institution, for example to host elections with more than 2500 voters. You can also contribute to the translation effort.
  • Any question? Please have a look at our FAQ. We do not offer any hotline.
This platform is hosted by the LHS from LORIA, CNRS, INRIA, University of Lorraine.
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