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This election is archived.

  • Sélectionnez le(s) candidat(s) de votre choix (de 1 à 5 nom(s) ou vote blanc).
    Frédéric Bertrand32
    Marianne Clausel47
    David Coupier45
    Sandrine Dallaporta55
    Mathieu Ribatet41
    Yousri Slaoui25
    Blank vote5
Number of accepted ballots: 66
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This election is administered by Bureau du groupe MAS.
The voter list has 169 voter(s) and fingerprint q5NnRQrDGlBiR2fA8yYeksXR4Dte8vrmSWxh5oFVlio.
All of the following trustees (verification keys) are needed to decrypt the result:
  • server (9PNxTcFCqAzCnxyw1qLMUIGrMUCMl6MZ/3/IeJ+38Es)
  • Claire Lacour (G5jPo0TPYzByakfVwF03aozFI4JIDaui53tg+w15YmM)
  • Arnaud Rousselle (D/uFImuFZfybuZAoIK8pi7wdMMNsu38U1hy8CWWlhH4)
Credentials were generated and sent by server and have fingerprint 0My2xqeQNUGoPd3wCDsN81AdKHaofZNXHDRn/Qm78Qc.
The fingerprint of the encrypted tally is TZd1MqQfKeDJIdKbwEkIgxYvmq0JAVeTS0ahGJrQDNc.